Nifti Cleaning & Property Services

Why you should call us first!


Location, Location, Location is what most people think of when it comes to buying a home.

Well you really cannot change the location when it comes time to sell but the most important thing to get the best price possible is Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.

We have worked with home owners for years doing the things that are necessary to achieve the best result for them when selling their home.  We can consult with you to:

  • Do a comprehensive assessment of your properties presentation.

  • Draw up a plan of works based on your needs and our recommendation.

  • Liaise with specialist tradespeople and oversee their part of the work.

  • Cost all works and provide a time frame for completion.

It will cost you nothing to talk to us to get our opinion on what is needed to make your property stand out to the buyers.  It may be as little as a bit of cleaning or a full garden makeover.  Regardless, we are here to help make this time as stress free as possible and of course get you the best result possible when you bring in the agents and go to market.

We can also (subject to conditions) cover the cost of works till after you sell so you can maximise your properties potential.  Sell for more, pay for later.  Now that makes sense!

Selling Your Home?